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Believe Your Eyes!

We are so honoured that Bankless DAO is speaking about our work.

Thanks Grendel!

The project starts from multidisciplinary research in the History of Art that favors an approach never used before to decrypt Renaissance works using, in some cases (as in Leonardo for example), what was written by the authors themselves. Leonardo, de facto, never stopped painting and creating: Leonardo is contemporary and, using, creates NFT in the Metaverse, in the Metatime.

Following the path traced by these giants has led to unveil and decrypt a world that until now was mysterious, and forgotten, to which it has given new life.

#BelieveYourEyes. The great masters of the Renaissance unveiled. The immense patrimony of perspective illusions, of anamorphosis, brought back to contemporaneity. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Durer, write with us and with the #NftCommunity, the manifesto of the Renaissance. I, because that I is you, the reader. We all are.

from bankless DAO

Technology is the chisel capable of extracting the true cognitive and artistic project from the pictorial material and doing it in a short time, trying to overcome that constant familiarity with the work that would otherwise be the only method. Renaissance is the pattern through which we perceive the good and the bad in the world. Man is the non-fungible token, and we, through this principle, re-establish its centrality.

#BeRenaissance, NFTs are the bridge through which reality is constantly reworked.

The NFTs of are original works of the great Renaissance masters and the sublimation of their original project: So our NFTs are in a sense “beyond ours”:

Only for special occasions, such as the collaboration with Hackatao, we allow ourselves to create Disney fantasies, divertissements. But otherwise, our products are philologically pure; our NFTs allow the contemporary collector to decant and sublimate the greatest artists, thinkers and geniuses of Western art: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Dürer, Raphael etc.

It is the attempt to explode that critique of digital art that it defines as derivative from many sides, without a true creative inspiration. The derivative inspiration (from the depths of compositional truth) is art. Art, always derived, but profoundly unique; the Masterpiece becomes democratic through the NFT.

from bankless DAO collaborated with a cryptoartist of international standing, Hackatao. Hackatao has opened a door in the Metaverse that has allowed all that climate to flow, all that synthesis between great Renaissance art and contemporary art that is the basis of the work of When you meet a duo like Hackatao—so political, so sensitive—you connect very deeply to this community, which is so alive and so resistant, so intelligent. This is the NFT community.

Hackatao was an opportunity for us to escape from the Ivory Tower and to be adopted by the most incredible and wonderful community that is the artists of now and today. Hackatao was the Plato of our Academy.

from bankless DAO

Crypto artists are the peaceful evangelizers of the Metaverse; today the community involves the 0.1 percent of the world population. What would happen if it were 0.2 or 0.3%? Cryptoart is the language, the tongue in its becoming, the Koiné, and the NFTs are the letters that make up this communicational galaxy. DAOs are the political project of the meta-human engine just described. DAOs represent the highest idea of democratization and self-sufficiency of the cryptoart and NFT movement; in a certain sense they are the seed that can overcome a creatively sterile and oppressive society, through equal and horizontal participation. They are the platonic Republics (Politheia) in their realization today.

from bankless DAO

We want to create the NFT that unveils one of the greatest mysteries in the history of art! Five hundred years of the Mystery of Mona Lisa, the #davincicode but without inventions. Only Leonardo and his story.

And so #BelieveYourEyes, #BeRenaissance!

from bankless DAO

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