This is a Renaissance Story

From the study of an old art collection emerges the need of
multidisciplinary studies of the Renaissance.

Who we are is an independent and multi-disciplinary research project on Renaissance art, carried out by a plurality of entities, researchers, and professionals.

Each member’s work is in relationship to the project from different perspectives: art history, history, palaeography, geography, the science of vision, volcanology, 2D and 3D graphic art and illustration, iconography, genealogy, etc. 

We wish to give all this materials back to the public, after deciphering all the references that have been hidden for centuries and lost in translation.

We also aim to relive the artistic potential of the Renaissance in contemporary art with contemporary artists and tools.

Our Aims

  • Invite researchers to join the initiative to decrypt the works of the Renaissance artists, including their predecessors and inspirations, geographical context, biography, iconography, optics and all other fields of research needed.
  • Invite artists to propose, present, and premiere work based on Renaissance artists.
  • Provide resources for art and science professionals to develop new and collaborative long lasting projects.
  • Host lectures, workshops, community outreach initiatives, public programs, and continuing education classes, as well as an extended virtual museum and database.
  • Collaborate with museums and cultural institutions, based on the new findings, in order to further valorize their collections. 

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